Why a VT Pack™?

A Problem Waiting to Happen
For years – and continuing today – it has been a practice to strap high-voltage meters directly across 480V potential. Time and events have shown, however, this to be unwise for a number of fundamental reasons:
  • At 480V the equipment is more volatile and more susceptible to failure.
  • It exposes workers and their companies to unnecessary risk.
  • It is ultimately costly.
Resistance to operating meters and sockets at lower voltage has essentially been a cost/installation issue, without consideration of the cost of catastrophic equipment failure, lost revenue due to unmetered electricity usage, or flash-burned employees.

With TSTM VT Pack Installations, cost and ease of installation need no longer be a significant factor. And, frankly, safety and risk factors outweigh costs.

See how easy it is to install a VT Pack. Click here to watch installation videos.