19 Reasons

19 reasons why you should "Thumbs Up" your system's safety and reliability with TSTM's low-voltage metering solutions.
10 /15 Year Warranty. How strongly will the manufacturer stand behind their work?
Install time. How much time will it take for your team to implement the solution?
Safety. Will the solution make the installation safer for workers to perform general maintenance?
Weight. How heavy to handle, to ship.
Propensity to install error. The more complicated it is to install, the greater the chance of wiring or grounding mistakes.
Surge protection for meter. Will the product mitigate surge-related meter failure?
Safe from failure due to lightning strikes. Are the products resistant to lightning surges?
Install ease. Are the products simple to install?
Employer risk. Does installation alleviate risk for the organization?
Size. Are the units cumbersome or clumsy, or "light and tight"?
Weatherproof. Are the transformers hermetically sealed against the elements?
Flexibility. Can they be configured as needed by the customer or after-the-fact when needs change?
Resistant to field failure. Is it rare that workers must return to provide service to the units?
Technical & application support. Will the manufacturer provide training and install/application support?
Simplicity/ innovative. Are the products "simply great" or typically traditional?
Ease of retrofitting. How easily can the installation be updated for future changes?
Lifecycle cost (Total cost of ownership). Given install time, warranty, meter maintenance or replacement cost reductions, what's the ROI?
Configurable as needed. Can it be configured "onsite" for single phase, 3-phase 3-wire, and 3-phase 4-wire applications?
Mounts on socket enclosure. Does product support retrofitting of existing metering installations?
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