When You're Smiling...The Whole World Smiles With You!

When You're Smiling...The Whole World Smiles With You!
He's safer. Has less on-the-job stress. Fewer emergency meter swap-outs. Reduced need for on-site visits. No more moon suits or high-voltage distancing regulatory requirements. More time to handle other important, critical tasks.

No wonder he’s smiling. In fact, there are smiles all around. In engineering. In the C-suite. Even OSHA is smiling.

TSTM’s VT Pack™ and FlexPack™ System one-step low voltage solutions implement tried and true guaranteed* answers to the “how” of accomplishing what used to be a complicated, risky, problem-fraught wiring puzzle. When your operation reduces 480v metering voltage to safer, more manageable levels, all kinds of wonderful things happen. You will … 

• Virtually eliminate meter/AMI failure,
• Increase revenues by cutting servicing costs and failed-meter billing losses,
• Reduce liability and risk of injury or death, and
• Better protect customer equipment.

We could use more in the way of smiles these days. 

*Our unprecedented 15-year guarantee against failure includes failure due to lightning strike! Click here for more info.