In 25 years, we've come a long way through innovation.

In 25 years, we've come a long way through innovation.
It was 1996. A catastrophic meter explosion in Nebraska had taken an unmentionable toll. Greg May, then CEO of a company begun 50 years earlier by father Merle as May Engineering Laboratories, had long been arguing that direct metering of high-voltage service was an unnecessary danger. He’d seen enough. Out of necessity, TSTM and the now-legendary VT Pack was born.

Today the leader in low-voltage metering solutions, TSTM carries on that 75-year heritage through its Silver 25th Anniversary. Workers are safer, with lower on-the-job stress. There are fewer emergency meter swap-outs. Fewer on-site visits. And more time to handle other important, critical tasks.

After 25 years, you can be confident with TSTM’s guaranteed* low voltage solutions when you choose to migrate high-voltage metering to safer, more manageable levels.
  • Virtually eliminate meter failure
  • Protect AMI/AMR devices
  • Increase revenues by cutting servicing costs and failed-meter billing losses
  • Reduce liability and risk of injury or death (ARC flash)
  • Better protect customer equipment
*Our unprecedented 15-year warranty against failure includes failure due to lightning strike! Click here for more info.