Old Hat Transformers?

Old Hat Transformers?
If you’re not up-to-speed on TSTM’s incredible AccuPack™, replacing 3 “old-hat” VT’s in a fraction of the space, read on.

TSTM revolutionized multi-phase voltage transformers for low-voltage metering, control systems and many other applications. Easily installed in minutes without hand-wiring, TSTM’s AccuPack™ is one of two products in the FlexPack™ system for 600-volt class metering, commercial and industrial applications where accuracy and reliability are requirements for power quality measurements, and control/relay circuits in an industrial setting. Guaranteed.* AccuPack™ accuracy is the key +/-0.05%.

And TSTM products carry a 15-year warranty against failure, including lightning strike. Lower risk of failure means more revenues, safer for workers.

Proven and known for safe, reliable low-voltage metering transformers, TSTM products have many uses. The AccuPack™ provides safer voltages to your solid-state meters or other electronic devices or control equipment.

Wherever you need highly-accurate low voltage, the TSTM AccuPackTM delivers!

• Control consoles

• Programmable logic controllers

• Power quality meters / electronic equipment

• Chillers

• R/O water filtration systems

• Other purpose-built low-voltage systems

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