VT Pack™ 2:1 ratio 7.5 VA

This VT Pack™ with a ratio of 2:1 is designed to be used on 480/240-volt four wire delta applications. This part number designates a 7.5 VA rating applicable for “non-PLC” AMI communication modules. This VT Pack consists of three revenue-accuracy voltage transformers that are encased in epoxy inside a UV-resistant polycarbonate enclosure.

This VT Pack can be used with either induction (disk type), solid-state fixed voltage, wide voltage range solid-state Form 9S meters. The connector on the VT Pack mates with a wiring harness, or the wiring harness in one of our sockets or block assemblies. For conventional transformer-rated applications, a color-coded wiring harness is available with either our standard 6-foot harness or custom wire color-coding and lengths to meet your Company's requirements.

The VT Pack can be mounted in a pad mount transformer, transformer cabinet, on the outside of an existing meter socket, in one of our enclosures designed for that purpose ( refer to “Product” page, “Enclosure” tab, Long Narrow or Universal ), or other convenient location. Many meter socket manufacturers offer “extended” sealed compartments to accommodate a VT Pack isolating the 480 volts. The keyhole slot on the VT Pack makes mounting on any 1/4" mounting screw or shoulder rivet quick and easy. The VT Pack can also be mounted on a cross arm, pole or other suitable outdoor location when used with the optional Connector Cover.

Weight12 lbs.
Collar Diameter2.2
Accuracy+/- 0.3% @ 7.5VA @ .7 PF lag
Connector9 pin, 600 volt, UL
EnclosureLight gray, UV resistant polycarbonate
Insulation level10 kV BIL
Over voltage withstand960V for 1 minute
Transformer typeToroidal autotransformer
Thermal Rating100 VA @ 30° C
Size12 3/16" long by 4" wide by 3 1/16" deep, including 1" deep collar